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ASA Layer (Protect from UV Rays & Excellent Weatherability)
Hybrid Layer (Heat & Sound Insulation)
UPVC Layer (Corrosion resistant & Protect
from Chemicals, Fumes & Acids)



Installation Tools

Construction Lines
Portable Drill
Portable Toothless Saw
Portable Polisher Spanner

Tape Lifting:-

When lifting the sheets t o the roof the pile quantity cannot exceed 20 pieces & keep the roof sheet flat.


The installation should be start ed from the edge of the roof. At lateral direction, overlapping at least one wave. At lengthways direction, overlapping should be 20- 25cm. If the roof slop is less than 20° Degrees then overlapping should be at least 40 cm. In the heavy wind area, overlapping 2waves at lateral direction, overlapping at least 40cm (L engthways) per square meter.

Installation of the top ridge:-

During the installation o f two slope roof, it should be started from two slopes simultaneousl y in order to keep the tile peak in same direction. Top ridge is installed on the ridge line. Installed from one side of the main ridge on the joint o f the first main ridge and the main tile, overlapping should be avoided. To overlap one wave unit between two top ridge tiles.

After confirming the overlapping is correct, fix the tapping screw with cap on washer. Screw can only be fixed on the wave. Before fixing the screw, need to pre drill on the roof sheet (not on the purlin). If the tapping screw diameter is 6.3mm, need to pre drill a whole of 7mm or 8mm. Tapping screw cannot be fixed too tight, it’s too tight, the sheet will bend or cause crack. Tapping screw cannot be fixed too loose, if the screw is fixed too loose, the roof will penetrate. Tapping screw need to be fixed only above the purlin. If the screw is fixed on the position without purlin, it might break the sheet. Suggest 6 sets tapping screw per square meter while fixing sheets & top ridge.Screw cap keep the grip safe & strong and also 


Industrial Sheds
Commercial Buildings (warehouse,
malls, parking sheds, plaza etc)
Paper Mills
Printing Press
Dairy Farms

Institutional / Residential

Resorts, Farm House, Banquet, Bungalow, House, Restaurants, Cottage, Schools, Hospitals, Auditorium, Sports Academy, Indoor Swimming Pools

Best Recommended

Chemical Factories Galvanizing Plants Textile Industries Meat Processing Plants Food Factories, Poultry Farm

Areas with high humidity and Chemical Vapours etc