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Z Purlins

Z-purlins, also known as zed purlins, refer to horizontal beams intended to create wall joists and the roof of a building structure. These purlins remain between your building and the roofing sheets. They enable the sheet to stay firmly in place

Z- Purlins of Different types

Our Z Purlins are available in a range of sizes and thickness. You can choose the right one based on your precise requirement. Moreover, our Z Purlin manufacturer can provide you with products with pre-drilled holes and un-drilled versions. The thickness level can range from 1.2mm to 2.5mm.

The type of purlin you have chosen should be consistent with the oeverall structure , though there may be a variation in thickness level.

We can sell pre-punched purlins that make your constructions process easier and faster. You can contact us to learn about the location and standardized sizes of holes. We can make holes in a row. The rectangular and oval holes are rotatable by 90 degrees. Place your order and provide the information about the type and thickness of the purlins you need